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claire ramming

Hajim School students can participate in study abroad programs in 19 countries. Claire Ramming, shown at left, who graduated with a BS in electrical and computer engineering in 2013, studied at the University of Auckland in 2012.


Students who want to take engineering and computer science classes as part of their study abroad experience should pay particular attention to the list below. These are UR-affiliated study abroad programs that specifically offer engineering and science classes to study abroad students. "Course equivalents" indicate where Hajim School students have previously taken courses that were credited as being equivalent to the Rochester courses listed. (This list is not all-inclusive and is updated regularly.)

For the most current list of courses that Hajim School students can take overseas and receive UR course equivalency credit, download these PDF documents for classes sorted by major and by country. If you would like to sort through an excel list of all the courses previously taken overseas by Hajim School students, click here.


Australian National University.

University of Melbourne

University of Sydney:

  • Zachary Jenkins of biomedical engineering climbed to the top of a bridge and swam face to face with sharks -- pushing himself to do things he never thought possible.
  • One of the goals of the Hajim School is for more of its undergraduates to be involved in three key experiences outside of the classroom: research, internships and global experience. Emily Grey of biomedical engineering accomplished all three.

Macquarie University

University of New South Wales

  • Erica Hange of biomedical engineering completed three classes to satisfy requirements for her BME major, and one to satisfy a requirement for her Pscyhology minor – and also enjoyed snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, ziplining through the Daintree Rainforest and bungy jumping off a 50-meter-high platform.
  • Michael Kaplan of mechanical engineering had an equally productive semester and “gained a profound interest in exploring the world and meeting new people. Throughout my schooling at Rochester, I had met many people from throughout the world, but nothing compares to actually traveling to a different country and meeting the locals there.”


University of Botswana


Universidad San Francisco de Quito


American University in Cairo


City University

Queen Mary, University of London

University of Bristol

  • Hye Jin Kim, a mechanical engineering major, loved exploring Bristol on foot, and learned a lot about creative problem solving.
  • Nathan Contino, a dual computer science/English major, got to visit the great European cities he had read about, and even landed a job.


Rachel Bierasinski '13 of mechanical engineering describes the spring semester she spent at the Technische Universität Berlin during her junior year in a Campus Times article.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • “Any engineer would find more than enough options at HKUST,” says Adam Aboudi of computer science, who studied here in Fall 2016.

Chinese University of Hong Kong:

  • Whether he was eating with chopsticks or learning Mandarin, Kenneth Imade of electrical and computer engineering was able to immerse himself into the Asian culture with ease during his summer study abroad experience. 


Aquincum Institute of Technology (AIT): Read more >
AIT professor gives students an inside look at the institute. Read more >

  • Lance Floto of Computer Science took four classes that counted toward his major, visited 18 countries AND landed a summer internship while studying at AIT.
  • "Study abroad taught me how to be an adult,” says Maggie Curtis, who returned from AIT with 12 credits to count toward her computer science major.


Dublin City University

  • Regan Wortley of mechanical engineering saw lots of castles, drank her first Guiness, and learned hurling and gaelic football during her "special, once-in-a-lifetime adventure" at Dublin.

Trinity College:

  • Michaela Wentz of chemical engineering eagerly siezed opportunities to explore and learn during her study abroad semester in Dublin.



Braude College

New Zealand

University of Auckland

University of Canterbury

  • Emma Gira of biomedical engineering planned in advance for her Spring 2015 semester at University of Canterbury -- and it definitely paid off!
  • "I will definitely return to New Zealand sometime, and when I do, I'll feel at home there,” says Lauren Dunlap of chemical engineering.



South Africa

Cape Town
University of Cape Town

  • Brendan Coli of chemical engineering says traveling within South Africa "gave me a previously unfounded sense of independence and empowerment."
  • Hannah Middleswart of chemical engineering managed to adapt when she arrived to find that the classes she wanted to take were no longer offered -- and was rewarded with some memorable experiences.


Universidad Carlos III de Madrid:

  • "I came back feeling like I could live anywhere in the world," said Boubacar Diallo of mechanical engineering.
  • Shurouq Jihazi completed three high-level classes toward her electrical and computer engineering major, and 'widened her horizons dramatically.' 
  • "We dare you to get bored in Madrid" says Rohan Palma, the Hajim School study abroad advisor, who paid a visit to IES Madrid and filed this report.


Uppsala University


Istanbul (program temporarily suspended)
Bogazici University

Sabanci University
Hajim study abroad advisor Rohan Palma encounters two worlds in one at IES program in Istanbul. Read more >

United Arab Emirates

American University of Sharjah

“I wanted to experience the lifestyle in Europe as well as learn about the European Culture,” said Diallo. “I met wonderful people, made some good friends, and mostly I came back feeling like I can live anywhere in the world.” - Boubacar Diallo

Read More >