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BA in Engineering Science

Degree Requirements

Prerequisites (6 courses)

Mathematics (Three Courses including Differential Equations)

  • MTH 141, MTH 142, MTH 143, and MTH 165
  • MTH 161, MTH 162, and MTH 165
  • MTH 171, MTH 172, and MTH 173

Note: the sequence MTH 141, MTH 142 and 143 counts as only two courses for the degree.

Physics (Two Courses)

  • PHY 113 or 121, and 122, or PHY 141, 142

Chemistry (One Course)

  • CHM 131 or 137

Required Hajim School Courses

Choose three, one from each group:

  • Computer Programming: CSC 160, 161, 170 or 171; BME 221; ECE 114
  • Introduction to Engineering: EAS 10X
  • Engineering Mechanics: BME 201 or ME 120

Core Hajim School Courses

Choose one course from any two categories below:

  • Circuits: BME 210, ECE 111, or ECE 210
  • Mechanics of Fluids/Solids: CHE 243, ME 225, or ME 226
  • Thermodynamics: CHE 225 or ME 123
  • Optics: OPT 241

Hajim School Electives (Choose Four)

Any four 4-credit Hajim School course except those listed above as required or core courses. These courses should be chosen in consultation with a faculty adviser, and may include upper-level writing courses. At least one of the courses should be 200-level.

Natural Science Electives (Choose Two)

Any two four-credit courses in astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, mathematics, physics, or statistics except those listed above as prerequisite courses.

Two Clusters

ES degree candidates must possess a thorough understanding of social and economic forces, and have an appreciation of cultural and humanistic traditions. Therefore, all engineering science students are required to complete minimally two clusters, one in the humanities and one in the social sciences. The possibilities of coupling the engineering science major with humanities and social science disciplines are boundless, and prepare students to address the complexities of the world in which we live.

Writing (Three Courses)

Primary Writing Requirement

All students are advised to complete the College’s primary writing requirement (WRT 105) by the end of their first year. This course must be completed by the time the engineering science major is officially declared.

Upper-Level Writing Requirement

The engineering science upper-level writing requirement will be met by satisfactorily completing two of the following Hajim School courses:

  • AME 192, 193, 233, 262, 386
  • BME 221, 230, 260
  • CHE 246, 255
  • CSC 298W, 299; see department for more options
  • ECE 111, 112, 113, 399
  • ME 204, 205, 206W, 241, 242, 251
  • OPT 201, 202, 203, 204
  • WRT 273

Should any department in the College offer a generalized technical writing course, pending review of the course description, this course would also be acceptable for this requirement.