Special Programs

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Grand Challenges Scholars Program

The Grand Challenges Scholar Program (GCSP) is inspired by 14 broad problems facing society in sustainability, health, security, and knowledge. Solutions to these problems will require interdisciplinary teams and years of sustained effort.

Students who complete the five components of the GCSP successfully will achieve the designation of Grand Challenges Scholar and will be uniquely prepared to collaborate and succeed in a transdisciplinary and global environment.

Scholars also receive formal designation as a Grand Challenges Scholar at graduation.

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The STEM-Gems program uses data-based retention strategies to help historically at-risk undergraduates on their way towards a degree from the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Students in the STEM-Gems program get help from both academic counselors and Hajim School graduate students who reach out to undergraduates even before they get to campus through the Early Connections Opportunity (ECO) program and through a targeted communications plan over the course of students’ undergraduate tenure.

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Take Five Scholars

Take Five Scholars receive a fifth, tuition-free year to pursue broader academic interests outside of their major that they weren’t able to take in their first four years at the University. Students should have a specific area of study in mind that they’d like to explore, and demonstrate an ability to successfully complete that study. Interested students should start the application process in the fall semester of their senior year.

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Graduate Engineering at Rochester

Exceptionally promising undergraduates may be guaranteed admission to our master's programs in any department in the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences through the Graduate Engineering at Rochester (GEAR) program. This program allows them to complete both their undergraduate and masters degrees in just five years.

GEAR students receive 50 percent tuition scholarship in the fifth year of study through a teaching or research assistantship.

GEAR (Graduate Engineering at Rochester)
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Industry Practicum Co-op Program

Designed for engineering and computer science majors, students in the Industry Practicum Co-Op participate in an eight month (a semester and summer) paid, full-time position with industry employers that allow students to get quality work experience directly related to their field of study. 

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e5 Program

The e5 program helps students pursue entrepreneurial endeavors with the help of the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Simon School faculty. Qualified students may propose to devote as much as an entire academic year to internships, special projects, business plan development, research into various factors for a successful entrepreneur, or analysis of how culture and public policy influence entrepreneurial activities.

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Study Abroad

Hajim students can not only take cluster classes abroad but can also take science and engineering classes that will count towards their major. Interested students can review the study abroad course-equivalents list, which indicates which courses Hajim School students have previously taken that were credited as being equivalent to the Rochester courses listed.

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Travel Grants

Small grants may be available through the College Supplemental Fund for undergraduate engineering students to attend professional conferences or participate in other academic or experiential programs. Please contact Nick Valentino at nicholas.valentino@rochester.edu for more information.

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