Industry Practicum Co-op Program

Employers increasingly demand significant practical work experience in addition to sound academic knowledge. The optional eight-month Industry Practicum Co-op Program (IPCP) at the University of Rochester provides an opportunity for students to enhance their education by integrating their engineering and computer science knowledge with workplace practice.

Students in the IPCP participate in an eight month (a semester and summer) paid, full-time position with industry employers that allow students to get quality work experience directly related to their field of study. The students’ academic and IPCP experiences combine to produce a comprehensive learning experience that enriches their academic programs and adds direction to their career development.

Eligibility Requirements

Students participating in this program must:

  • Participate in the IPCP for six to eight months during the spring of junior year and the following summer or during the fall of senior year and the preceding summer.
  • Have earned a minimum of 56 credit hours when entering the fall semester of junior year to apply for spring/summer IPCP.
  • Have earned a minimum of 72 credit hours when entering the spring of junior year to apply for a summer/fall IPCP.
Two people working in a nanotech cleanroom.

Finding an Industry Practicum Co-op Position

Students can look for industry practicum co-op positions by using:

  • The Career Center for help with job searching and résumé building
  • Resources such as LinkedIn and other personal connections like professors

There are no guarantees that students will find an appropriate position. Students are hired directly by employers and may accept or reject any offers they receive. To be considered for the program, students must be hired for positions lasting six to eight months.

Internship Information

After receiving an industry practicum co-op offer from an employer you should:

  • Meet with an academic or career advisor
  • See your faculty advisor and fill out your plan for completing the rest of your required courses

Once placed, students must meet with a Hajim School Dean’s Office advisor to fill out a change of status form and review any other necessary information. International students must consult with the International Students Office for work authorization. Due to frequent changes in the law, international students should check with ISO as early as possible to see if they are eligible for this program.

Sample Participating Companies

  • Air Products
  • Broadcom Corp
  • City Public Service
  • GE Aircraft Engines
  • GE Power Systems
  • General Electric
  • Harris RF
  • Head Counsel, Inc.
  • IBM Almaden
  • NASA Glenn Research
  • NASA
  • Nextel
  • Sun Microsystems
  • UR Clinical Trials