Special Programs

Take Five Scholars

Students who apply and are accepted to this program are able to pursue broader academic interests in a fifth year of tuition-free study. (FAQ)

GEAR (Graduate Engineering at Rochester)

Exceptionally promising undergraduates may be guaranteed admission to our master's programs in any department in the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences as well as computer science. GEAR students receive a minimum 50 percent tuition scholarship in the fifth year of study through a teaching or research assistantship. See the Admissions website to learn more about applying to this program.

Industry Practicum Co-op Program

Designed for engineering and computer science students, this program provides quality workplace experience through paid, full-time employment.

e5 Program

Students are able to continue their studies tuition free to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors with the help of the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Simon School faculty. Qualified students may propose to devote as much as an entire academic year to internships, special projects, business plan development, research into various factors for a successful entrepreneur, or analysis of how culture and public policy influence entrepreneurial activities.

Study Abroad

Other opportunities to take science and engineering classes abroad during the academic year are available to students of science and engineering.