Senior Student Awards

Lisa Norwood Student Involvement Prize

The Lisa Norwood Student Involvement Prize recognizes students who have shown commitment and service to the Hajim School by building community and belonging. Two awards will be given, one to a junior, and one to a senior.

Charles L. Newton Prize

The Charles L. Newton Prize recognizes engineering students who show a special proficiency in an engineering subject and have conducted research, given a presentation or published a paper.

Donald M. Barnard Prize

The Donald M. Barnard Prize is awarded to junior or senior engineering students on the basis of personal qualification and achievement.

Richard Eisenberg Engineering Award

The Richard Eisenberg Engineering Award recognizes hard-working undergraduates with an interest in metallurgy.

G. Harold Hook Prize

The G. Harold Hook Prize is presented to a student who has demonstrated outstanding interest in engineering.

Robert L. Wells Prize

The Robert L. Wells Prize is presented to senior engineering students for demonstrated competence in both engineering and the humanities.

Tau Beta Pi Prize

The Tau Beta Pi Prize is for Tau Beta Pi seniors who, through academic achievement, proven leadership and sterling character, have excelled and inspired fellow students.