Laboratory Space: Hutchinson Hall 103, Gavett Hall 103, 225, 227


Optical Microscopy/Spectroscopy. Zeiss AxioImager 2m (Hutch 103):

Brightfield, darkfield, C-DIC, and fluorescent modes; 10 - 100X objectives
UV-Vis-NIR and Fluorescent micro-spectrophotometer with cooled Si and InGaAs detectors (Newport/Bayspec)

UV-Vis Spectroscopy. Thermo Scientific Evolution 300 (Hutch 103):

transmittance (solid/liquid), reflectance, grazing angle adapter

Optical/Magnetic trapping. Zeiss Axiovert, custom built (Gavett 225):

1064nm 0.5 W CW Nd:YAG and 1064nm 3 W CW Nd:YAG lasers. FSM/SLM beam steering

Maskless Lithography. Zeiss Axiovert, custom built (Gavett 227):

532nm 12 W CW Nd:YVO4 laser. FSM/LSM/DMD beam steering/manipulation

Atomic Force Microsopy. Custom built (Gavett 227):

contact/non-contact imaging and molecular force spectroscopy

XPS/UPS/ISS imaging spectrometer. Kratos Ultra DLD (Gavett 103):

Al, Ag, Mg monochromatic and dual sources, Ar and polyatomic etch for depth profiling of inorganic and organic materials, interfaced with a glovebox for the analysis of air/moisture sensitive samples

Contact Printing Equipment. Custom built (Gavett 225):

6 axis nano-positioning stage. 5 nm encoded alignment over 50mm distance. Top and side view ULWD imaging at 0.5x – 80x magnification. Printing stage temperature control (0 – 150 oC). Pressure-tension measurements with four independent load cells (4x5N max load, 0.001N resolution)