Welcome to Li Ding’s Homepage

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Rochester. I am working in the Signal and Image Processing Laboratory, under the supervision of Professor Gaurav Sharma. My research interests span the field of computer vision, digital image processing, and machine learning. I am particularly interested in the 3D range data processing and 3D reconstruction. I received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the Harbin Institute of Technology in 2015.



  • Out paper “Fusing structure from motion and lidar for accurate dense depth map estimation” gets accepted by ICASSP’17.
  • Our paper A local-linear-fitting-based matting approach for accurate depth
    upsampling receives the BEST PAPER award in West NY Image and Sig. Proc. Workshop 2016.
  • I will give a poster presentation Comparative Analysis of Homologous Buildings Using Range Imaging at ICIP 2016.