2002 Publications

  1. Morphological and mechanical information of coronary arteries obtained with intravascular elastography; feasibility study in vivo.
    Chris L. de Korte, S. G. Carlier, F. Mastik, M. M. Doyley, A. F. van der Steen, P. W. Serruys, and N. Bom
    Eur Heart J. 23(5) , pp. 405 -413  (2002). View Online
  2. Progress in Freehand Elastography of the Breast.
    J. C. Bamber, Paul E. Barbone, Nigel L. Bush, David O. Cosgrove, M. M. Doyley, Frank G. Fueschel, Paul M. Meaney, Naomi R. Miller, Tsuyoshi Shiina, and Francois Tranquart
    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems Vol.E85-D No.1 , pp. 5 -14  (2002). View Online