2004 Publications

  1. Shear modulus estimation using parallelized partial volumetric reconstruction.
    M. M. Doyley, E. E. Van Houten, John B. Weaver, Steven P. Poplack, L. Duncan, F. E. Kennedy, and Keith D. Paulsen
    IEEE Trans Med Imaging. 23(11) , pp. 1404 -1416  (2004). View Online
  2. Magnetic resonance-guided near-infrared tomography of the breast.
    Ben Brooksby, Shudong Jiang, Hamid Dehghani, B. W. Pogue, Keith D. Paulsen, Christine Kogel, M. M. Doyley, John B. Weaver, and Steven P. Poplack
    Rev. Sci. Instrum. 75, 5262 (2004). View Online
  3. Evaluation of the adjoint equation based algorithm for elasticity imaging.
    A. A. Oberai, N. H. Gokhale, M. M. Doyley, and J. C. Bamber
    Phys Med Biol. 49(13) , pp. 2955 -2974  (2004). View Online
  4. Breast deformation modelling for image reconstruction in near infrared optical tomography.
    Hamid Dehghani, M. M. Doyley, B. W. Pogue, Shudong Jiang, J. Geng, and Keith D. Paulsen
    Phys Med Biol. 49(7) , pp. 1131 -1145  (2004). View Online
  5. Automated region detection based on the contrast-to-noise ratio in near-infrared tomography.
    X. Song, B. W. Pogue, Shudong Jiang, M. M. Doyley, Hamid Dehghani, T. D. Tosteson, and Keith D. Paulsen
    Appl Opt. 43(5) , pp. 1053 -1062  (2004). View Online