2006 Publications

  1. Anthropomorphic breast phantoms for testing elastography systems.
    E. L. Madsen, M. A. Hobson, G. R. Frank, H. Shi, J. Jiang, T. J. Hall, T. Varghese, M. M. Doyley, and John B. Weaver
    Ultrasound Med Biol. 32(6). , pp. 857 -874  (2006). View Online
  2. Magnetic resonance elastography of the plantar fat pads: Preliminary study in diabetic patients and asymptomatic volunteers.
    Y. Y. Cheung, M. M. Doyley, T. B. Miller, F. E. Kennedy, F. Lynch Jr., J. S. Wrobel, K. Paulson, and John B. Weaver
    J Comput Assist Tomogr. 30(2) , pp. 321 -326  (2006). View Online
  3. Enhancing the performance of model-based elastography by incorporating additional a priori information in the modulus image reconstruction process.
    M. M. Doyley, S. Srinivasan, E. Dimidenko, N. Soni, and J. Ophir
    Phys Med Biol. 51(1). Epub 2005 Dec 15. , pp. 95 -112  (2006). View Online