2023 Publications

  1. Shear wave elastography can stratify rectal cancer response to short-course radiation therapy
    R. Mislati, T. Uccello, Z. Lin, K. T. Iliza, K. C. Toussaint, S. A. Gerber, and M. M. Doyley
    Sci Rep 13(1) , pp. 16149-1 -16149-12  (2023). View Online
  2. Stiffness pulsation of the human brain detected by non-invasive time-harmonic elastography
    T. Meyer, B. Kreft, E. Antes, M. S. Anders, B. Wellge, J. Braun, M. M. Doyley, H. Tzschätzsch, and I. Sack
    Front Bioeng Biotechnol 11 , pp. 1140734-1 -1140734-9  (2023). View Online
  3. Mapping estimates of vascular permeability with a clinical indocyanine green fluorescence imaging system in experimental pancreatic adenocarcinoma tumors
    M. S. Reed, M. Ochoa, K. M. Tichauer, A. Weichmann, M. M. Doyley, and B. W. Pogue
    J Biomed Opt 28(7) , pp. 076001-1 -076001-14  (2023). View Online
  4. Artificial intelligence for diffusion MRI-based tissue microstructure estimation in the human brain- an overview
    A. Faiyaz, M. M. Doyley, G. Schifitto, and M. N. Uddin
    Front Neurol 14 , pp. 1168833-1 -1168833-9  (2023). View Online
  5. Sound speed estimation for distributed aberration correction in laterally varying media
    R. Ali, T. Mitcham, M. V. Singh, M. M. Doyley, R. R. Bouchard, J. Dahl, and N. Duric
    IEEE Trans Comp Imaging 9 , pp. 367 -382  (2023). View Online
  6. Reverberant magnetic resonance elastographic imaging using a single mechanical driver
    I. E. Kabir, D. A. Caban-Rivera, J. Ormachea, K. J. Parker, C. L. Johnson, and M. M. Doyley
    Phys Med Biol 68(5) , pp. 055015-1 -055015-16  (2023). View Online
  7. Functional ultrasound imaging reveals 3D structure of orientation domains in ferret primary visual cortex
    W. Hu, S. Zhu, F. Briggs, and M. M. Doyley
    NeuroImage 268 , pp. 119889-1 -119889-12  (2023). View Online