Placenta Assessment Collaborators Present Research Work

September 13, 2016

Richard K. Miller PhD, Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Rochester, attended two conferences to present research work performed by a collaborative team in the area of placenta morphological assessment:

  • RK Miller, S McAleavey, RW Wood, J Carroll-Nellenback, J Ormachea, O Hyrien, P Katzman, CJ Stodgell, E Pressman, L Thornburg, K Szlachetka, KJ Parker, "Predicting fetal and newborn health: the role of the placenta and its imaging," 56th Annual Meeting of the Teratology Society: New Horizons in Birth Defects Research, San Antonio TX, 25-29 June 2016.

  • RK Miller, S McAleavey, J Ormachea, E Pressman, L Thornburg, D Dombroski, J Zhong, M Doyley, RW Wood, J Carroll-Nellenback, O Hyrien, P Katzman, C Stodgell, K. Szlachetka, H Wang, KJ Parker, "The human placenta: function and morphological assessments using ultrasound and magnetic resonance elastography," International Federation of Placenta Associations Annual Meeting, Portland OR, 13-16 September 2016.