Lab Members Present at ITEC

October 16, 2016

Professor Kevin Parker and PhD candidates Fernando Zvietcovich and Juvenal Ormachea attended the 15th International Tissue Elasticity Conference (ITEC) in Fairlee, Vermont from 16-19 October 2016.  Parker and Zvietcovich presented the following:

  • KJ Parker, J Ormachea, F Zvietcovich, B Castaneda, "Reverberant shear wave fields in tissues."

  • KJ Parker, J Ormachea, "Soft tissue vascularity and shear wave speed."
  • F Zvietcovich, J Yao, M Ramirez, M Buckley, J Rolland, KJ Parker, "Elastography of porcine cornea by tracking the propagation of surface acoustic waves using optical coherence elastography."