ITEC 2018

September 9, 2018

PhD candidates Juvenal Ormachea and Fernando Zvietcovich attended and presented at the International Tissue Elasticity Conference (ITEC) held in Avignon, France from 9-12 September 2018.  Ormachea and Zvietcovich presented the following:

  • J Ormachea, KJ Parker, M Drage, H Kim, Z Hah "Shear wave speed and attenuation estimation in oil-in-gelatin phantoms using a rheological model, mechanical, and ultrasound measurements"
  • J Ormachea, B Castaneda, KJ Parker, "2D linear dispersion slope images using a reverberant shear wave elastography field: application in CIRS phantoms and in vivo liver tissue"
  • F Zvietcovich, N Baddour, JP Rolland, KJ Parker, “Gaussian shear wave propagation in viscoelastic media: validation of an approximate forward model” (POSTER)
  • F Zvietcovich, JP Rolland, P Meemon, KJ Parker, "Reverberant 3D optical coherence elastography (REV3D-OCE): a novel method for the 3D elastic mapping of layers in cornea"

Collaborative work with Samsung Medison Co. Ltd. was also presented by Dr. Zaegyoo Hah:

  • Z Hah, KJ Parker, J Ormachea, D Na, “Analysis of transient shear wave in lossy media"