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Parker Medical Imaging Research


September 9, 2018

ITEC 2018

PhD candidates Juvenal Ormachea and Fernando Zvietcovich attended and presented at the International Tissue Elasticity Conference (ITEC) held in Avignon, France from 9-12 September 2018.  Ormachea and Zvietcovich presented the following:

  • J Ormachea, KJ Parker, M Drage, H Kim, Z Hah "Shear wave speed and attenuation estimation in oil-in-gelatin phantoms using a rheological model, mechanical, and ultrasound measurements"
  • J Ormachea, B Castaneda, KJ Parker, "2D linear dispersion slope images using a reverberant shear wave elastography field: application in CIRS phantoms and in vivo liver tissue"
  • F Zvietcovich, N Baddour, JP Rolland, KJ Parker, “Gaussian shear wave propagation in viscoelastic media: validation of an approximate forward model” (POSTER)
  • F Zvietcovich, JP Rolland, P Meemon, KJ Parker, "Reverberant 3D optical coherence elastography (REV3D-OCE): a novel method for the 3D elastic mapping of layers in cornea"

Collaborative work with Samsung Medison Co. Ltd. was also presented by Dr. Zaegyoo Hah:

  • Z Hah, KJ Parker, J Ormachea, D Na, “Analysis of transient shear wave in lossy media"