2020 SPIE-Franz Hillenkamp Postdoctoral Fellowship Awarded to Fernando Zvietcovich

November 25, 2019

PhD candidate Fernando Zvietcovich, supervised by Prof. Kevin Parker, is the winner of the 2020 SPIE-Franz Hillenkamp Postdoctoral Fellowship in Problem-Driven Biomedical Optics and Analytics. The annual award of $75,000 supports interdisciplinary problem-driven research and provides opportunities for translating new technologies into clinical practice for improving human health. Fernando, who is co-advised by Prof. Jannick Rolland (UR Institute of Optics), will work on translating a novel biophotonics-based optical coherence elastography (OCE) method, developed and designed for the non-invasive quantification of corneal spatial biomechanical properties in 3D, into in vivo clinical use for diagnosing and monitoring the treatment for human ocular disease. Congratulations to Fernando for receiving this prestigious award! More information can be found here.