Fernando Zvietcovich Successfully Defends his PhD Thesis

December 12, 2019

Congratulations to Fernando Zvietcovich who successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Dynamic Optical Coherence Elastography.”  Fernando's public defense took place on Thursday, December 12, 2019, immediately followed by a closed-door defense session.  Fernando has been supervised by Professor Kevin Parker and co-supervised by Professor Jannick Rolland in the Institute of Optics.  His PhD committee was chaired by Professor Mark Buckley (Biomedical Engineering), and included Professor Gonzalo Mateos (Electrical & Computer Engineering).  Again, congratulations to Fernando and many thanks for his hard work and significant contributions to Professor Parker's Medial Imaging Research Group.  We wish him all the best in his postdoctoral research position in Dr. Kirill Larin's Biomedical Optics Laboratory at the University of Houston.

Fernando Zvietcovich successfully defends his thesis