Parker Lab Represented at IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium

September 11, 2020

Various members of the Parker Lab and collaborators participated in this year's virtual IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS), which took place from September 6-11. The following presentations highlighted the Lab's work:

  • J. Ormachea, K.J. Parker, “Shear wave attenuation measurements using reverberant shear wave elastography (R-SWE)” (poster)
  • J. Baek, T.A. Swanson, T. Tuthill, K.J. Parker, “Support vector machine (SVM) based liver classification: fibrosis, steatosis, and inflammation” (presentation and paper)
  • G. Flores, J. Ormachea, S.E. Romero, F. Zvietcovich, K.J. Parker, B. Castaneda, “Experimental study to evaluate the generation of reverberant shear wave fields (R-SWF) in homogeneous media” (presentation and paper)
  • L. Basavarajappa, S. Reddy, H. Tai, J. Song, G. Rijal, K.J. Parker, K. Hoyt, “Early assessment of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease using multiparametric ultrasound imaging” (presentation and paper)