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We manipulate light inside chips that fit on the tip of a needle

Welcome To Cardenas Lab

Cardenas Lab is a fun research group working to transform how people do science and technology using nanoscale optical devices.

We do optics on a chip by engineering structures at the nanoscale level using microfabrication techniques.

We work with any materials needed for our application ranging from recently discovered 2D materials all the way to glass.

Some examples of the questions we want to answer or problems we want to solve are:

  • How do living cells work?
  • How do you package photonic devices for low cost and high volume applications?
  • What tools can be conceived and built that will revolutionize other scientific fields such as neuroscience, cellular biology, or astronomy?
  • What new platform will revolutionize nanophotonics?

In our lab you will design and fabricate nanophotonic devices to solve (or answer) some of today’s challenging problems (or questions).

Who We Are

To prepare students for their career goals in industry or academia.

To revolutionize science and technology in interdisciplinary fields using photonics.

To transform the field of photonics using novel materials, techniques, and devices.

Our current research areas are in novel optical materials and devices and bionanophotonics. See our research page for more details.
If you are already a student at the University of Rochester, please visit our join our team page.

To become a student at The Institute of Optics, please follow the instructions given here to apply.

Latest News


Jacob Trzaska joined our team as a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) student. Welcome!


Lauren Scheg from the University of Rochester join our team as a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) student. Welcome!


Raymond Yu is now a graduate of the Institute of Optics. Congratulations!


2018 Physics Nobel Prize laureate Donna Strickland and Prof. Jaime Cárdenas at the 2019 University of Rochester commencement ceremony. Donna Strickland, galardonada con el premio Nobel de física en 2018, y el prof. Jaime Cárdenas [...]


We had a lot of fun in our end-of school-year celebration. Farewell Raymond and Nora. Keep in touch.

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