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Boyd Quantum Photonics Research Group

2001 Publications

The following papers are viewable in PDF format.
(Some files may be viewed more easily if downloaded.)

  1. Absorptionless self-phase-modulation via dark-state electromagnetically induced transparency
    Vincent Wong, Robert W. Boyd, C. R. Stroud, Jr, Ryan S. Bennink, David L. Aronstein, and Q-Han Park
    Phys. Rev. A 65 , p. 013810  (2001). View PDF
  2. Sensitive Disk-Resonator Photonic Biosensor
    Robert W. Boyd and John E. Heebner
    Applied Optics, Vol 40, No. 31 (2001). View PDF
  3. Nonclassical two-photon interferometry and lithography with high-gain parametric amplifiers
    Elna M. Nagasako, Sean J. Bentley, Robert W. Boyd, and Girish S. Agarwal
    Physical Review A, 64 , p. 043802  (2001). View PDF
  4. Spatial patterns induced in a laser beam by thermal nonlinearities
    Sean J. Bentley, Robert W. Boyd, William E. Butler, and Adrian C. Melissinos
    Opt. Lett. 26, 1084 (2001). View PDF
  5. Modification of Self-Induced Transparency by a Coherent Control Field
    Q-Han Park and Robert W. Boyd
    Physical Review Letters, Volume 86, Number 13, (2001). View PDF
  6. Comment on "Quantum Interferometric Optical Lithography: Exploiting Entanglement to Beat the Diffraction Limit,"
    Girish S. Agarwal, Robert W. Boyd, Elna M. Nagasako, and Sean J. Bentley
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 86 , p. 1389  (2001). View PDF
  7. Enhanced self-action effects by electromagnetically induced transparency in the two-level atom
    Ryan S. Bennink, Robert W. Boyd, C. R. Stroud, Jr, and Vincent Wong
    Phys. Rev. A 63 , p. 03384  (2001). View PDF