2019 Publications

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  1. Quantum Nonlocal Aberration Cancellation
    Nick Black, Enno Giese, Boris Braverman, Nicholas Zollo , Stephen M. Barnett, and Robert W. Boyd
    Physical Review Letters (2019). View PDF
  2. Single-Shot Direct Tomography of the Complete Transverse Amplitude, Phase, and Polarization Structure of a Light Field
    Ziyi Zhu, Darrick Hay, Yiyu Zhou, Alexander Fyffe, Brian Kantor, Girish S. Agarwal, Robert W. Boyd, and Zhimin Shi
    Physical Review Applied (2019). View PDF
  3. Performance analysis of d-dimensional quantum cryptography under state-dependent diffraction
    Jiapeng Zhao, Mohammad Mirhosseini, Boris Braverman, Yiyu Zhou, S. M. Hashemi Rafsanjani, Yongxiong Ren, Nicholas K Steinhoff, Glenn A. Tyler, Alan E. Willner, and Robert W. Boyd
    Physical Review A (2019). View PDF
  4. Spatial sampling of terahertz fields with sub-wavelength accuracy via probe-beam encoding
    Jiapeng Zhao, Yiwen E, Kaia Williams, Xi-Cheng Zhang, and Robert W. Boyd
    Light: Science & Application (2019). View PDF
  5. Quantum-limited estimation of the axial separation of two incoherent point sources
    Yiyu Zhou, Jing Yang, Jeremy D. Hassett, S. M. Hashemi Rafsanjani, Mohammad Mirhosseini, A. Nick Vamivakas, Andrew N. Jordan, Zhimin Shi, and Robert W. Boyd
    Optica (2019). View PDF
  6. Using all transverse degrees of freedom in quantum communications based on a generic mode sorter
    Yiyu Zhou, Mohammad Mirhosseini, Stone Oliver, Jiapeng Zhao, S. M. Hashemi Rafsanjani, , Alan E. Willner, and Robert W. Boyd
    Optics Express (2019). View PDF