GRIN Lens Design Tools:

The GRIN lens design tools that are developed at Moore research group are based on Code V®.

The design tools include the Code V® GRIN constraints generator and GRIN visualization tools.

A series of guides and a few examples of axial, radial, spherical GRIN designs are also posted to help the designer to get started.

Metrology Instruments:

The metrology instruments at Moore research group are constructed to characterize various properties of GRIN materials using methods that include interferometry, refractometry and deflectometry.

Detailed introduction to the metrology capability at Moore research group as well as the sample preparation requirements are posted.

Zoom Lens Design Tools:

At Moore research group, we have developed several tools for designing zoom lenses. These tools range from helping come up with first order designs to the optimization and visualization of the design. 

Zoom Lens Reporter interfaces with Code V® to create several graphs displaying information about the given zoom lens.

Zoom Solutions Generator generates first order solutions for 4 group zoom lenses with internal moving groups. 

Glass Map tool displays index vs Abbe number and Partial Dispersion vs. Abbe number for various glass catalogs.