2014 Publications

  1. Absolute Thickness Metrology with High Precision Using Low Coherence Interferometry
    Yang Zhao, Greg R. Schmidt, Duncan T. Moore, and Jonathan D. Ellis
    Proceedings of the 29th ASPE Annual Meeting (2014).
  2. Modeling Mid-Spatial Frequency Wavefront Error in Gradient-Index ALON Fabricated by Layered Diffusion
    Peter McCarthy, Nagendra Nag, and Duncan T. Moore
    International Optical Design Conference (2014).
  3. Optical Design Study in the 1-5um Spectral Band with Gradient-Index Materials
    Peter McCarthy, Rebecca Berman, Daniel J. L. Williams, Anthony J Yee, and Duncan T. Moore
    Proc. SPIE, 9293 (2014).
  4. All plastic high performance eyepiece design utilizing a speherical gradient-index lens
    Anthony J. Visconti, Kejia Fang, Greg R. Schmidt, and Duncan T. Moore
    Proc. SPIE 9293 (2014).