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STEM Gems: Faculty advisors

Audio & Music Engineering (AME) /
Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)

Mark Bocko
Hopeman Hall 333 
(585) 275-4879

Paul Ampadu
Computer Science Bldg 417 
(585) 273-5753

Biomedical Engineering (BME)

Stephen McAleavey
Goergen Hall 309 
(585) 275-7768

Chemical Engineering (CHE)

Dave G. Foster
Gavett Hall 201A 
(585) 276-5350

Computer Science (CSC)

Lane Hemaspaandra
Computer Science Bldg 618 
(585) 275-8854

Engineering Science (ES)

Nick Valentino
Lattimore Hall 301A 
(585) 276-7802

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Jon Ellis
Hopeman Hall 215 
(585) 275-4950

Optics/Optical Engineering (OPT/OPE)

Miguel Alonso
Wilmot Hall 215 
(585) 275-7227

“Sound design is one of the coolest things I have ever learned about,” said Stephanie Roman, who, with classmate Renjin Zhao, created a spooky Halloween Haunted House sound bite for AME193. They created all the sounds from scratch – flapping a keyboard cover really fast, for example, to create the sound of bats flying through the air.

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