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STEM Gems: Who we serve

"STEM Gems provides the basic needs to complete a STEM degree for students from the various backgrounds, thus contributing to the overall diversity in ethnicity, socioeconomic background and, most importantly, in perspective."
Asia Ingram '14

Undergraduate enrollment at the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has increased dramatically in recent years. To help ensure that first-generation, low-income and underrepresented minority students are part of this success story, the school in 2012 created the STEM Gems program to help retain these students, who traditionally are most at risk of failing to complete an engineering major.

The plan was based on the theory that investing in social networks that have embedded and external resources enhances the success and proliferation of these networks.

The plan consists of four core goals:

The results have been startling. For the Classes of 2016-2018, the average freshman to sophomore year retention rate is 85 percent compared to 60 percent for the Classes of 2010-2014.