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  1. Manufacturing-induced contamination in common multilayerdielectric gratings
    Liu, N., Dent, R., Hoffman, B. N., Kozlov, A. A., Oliver, J. B., Rigatti, A. L., Kessler, T. J., Demos, S. G., and Shestopalov, A. A
    Optics Express , pp. 714 -726  (2023). View Online
  2. Reduction of non-specific adsorption in label-free assays via reversible surface blocking with amphiphilic sugars
    Dourbash, F. A. , Shestopalov, A. A, and Rothberg, L. J.
    Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical (2022). View Online
  3. Contact Printing of multilayered thin films with shape memory polymers
    Kim, S. Y., Liu, N., and Shestopalov, A. A
    ACS nano , pp. 6134 -6144  (2022). View Online
  4. Modulation of Interfacial Adhesion Using Semicrystalline Shape-Memory Polymers
    Kim, S. Y., Lakshmanan, S., Li, J., Anthamatten, M., Lambropoulos, J., and Shestopalov, A. A
    Langmuir , pp. 3607 -3616  (2022). View Online
  5. Label-Free Immunoassay Using Droplet-Based Brewster’s Angle Straddle Interferometry
    Dourbash, F. A. , Shestopalov, A. A, and Rothberg, L. J.
    Analytical Chemistry , pp. 4456 -4462  (2021). View Online
  6. Modification of Nanoporous Silicon Nitride with Stable and Functional Organic Monolayers
    Li, X., Johnson, D. G., Ma, W., Chung, H., Getpreecharsawas, J, McGrath, J. L., and Shestopalov, A. A
    ACS Chemistry of Materials , p. submitted  (2016).
  7. High-Resolution Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Patterned via Contact Printing
    Li, J., Xu, L., Tang, C. W., and Shestopalov, A. A
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces , pp. 16809 -16815  (2016). View PDF | View Online
  8. Urethane-acrylate polymers in high-resolution contact printing
    Li, J., Xu, L., Kim, S. Y., and Shestopalov, A. A
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C , pp. 4155 -4165  (2016). View PDF | View Online
  9. Methods for Depositing A Monolayer On A Substrate
    Shestopalov, A. A, McGrath, J. L., and Li, X.
    US Pending Patent , p. application # 15/130,208  (2016).
  10. Vapor-Phase Carbenylation of Hard and Soft Material Interfaces
    Li, X., Ma, W., and Shestopalov, A. A
    Langmuir , p. DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.6b02471  (2016). View PDF | View Online
  11. Degradation of self-assembled monolayers in organic photovoltaic devices
    Angel, F. A., Lyubarskaya, Y. L., Shestopalov, A. A, and Tang, C. W.
    Organic Electronics , pp. 3624 -3631  (2014). View PDF | View Online
  12. Structural modifications in bilayered molecular systems lead to predictable changes in their electronic properties
    Bowers, C. M., Zhang, M., Lyubarskaya, Y. L., Tang, C. W., and Shestopalov, A. A
    Advanced Materials Interfaces , p. 1300109  (2014). View PDF | View Online
  13. Ultrathin Silicon Membranes for Wearable Dialysis
    Johnson, D. G., Khire, T. S., Lyubarskaya, Y. L., Smith, K. G. P., DesOrmeaux, J. S., Taylor, J. G., Gaborski, T. R., Shestopalov, A. A, Striemer, C. C., and McGrath, J. L.
    Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease , pp. 508 -515  (2013). View PDF | View Online
  14. Multicomponent Inorganic Janus Particles with Controlled Compositions, Morphologies, and Dimensions
    Lyubarskaya, Y. L. and Shestopalov, A. A
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces , pp. 7323 -7329  (2013). View PDF | View Online
  15. Soft Lithographic Functionalization and Patterning Oxide-free Silicon and Germanium
    Bowers, C. M., Toone, E. J., Clark, R. L., and Shestopalov, A. A
    Journal of Visualized Experiments , pp. 1 -7  (2011). View PDF | View Online