Developing and Patterning Resists for Area-selective Atomic Layer Deposition (AS-ALD)

AS-ALD is a key technology for enabling atomically precise, self-aligned bottom-up manufacturing of thin-film electronic, photonic and quantum devices. This method is often suggested as a higher-resolution replacement for current top-down micromachining techniques that can further advance the development of 3D integrated circuits. AS-ALD relies on patterned interfaces of growth and non-growth surfaces (GS and NGS), which sequentially promote and block ALD reactions on the corresponding domains. Growth selectivity is typically achieved by patterning ALD resists that block deposition on the homogeneous growth-promoting interfaces. We are focused on developing chemo-selective molecular resists that can withstand multiple ALD cycles without losing their growth selectivity.




as-ald experiment


PR Raffaelle, GT Wang, AA Shestopalov, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2023, 5, 7323−7329


•Sandia National Laboratories (DOE NNSA DE-NA-0003525)
•National Science Foundation (CMMI 2225896)