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Parker Medical Imaging Research

Book Chapters

  1. Imaging the Elastic Properties of Tissue
    K. J. Parker
    Emerging Imaging Technologies in Medicine, (Eds: M.A. Anastasio, P. La Riviere), CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, New York (2013).
  2. Assessment of the Performance of Engineered Tissues in Humans Requires the Development
    R. J. O'Keefe, S. Totterman, E. M. Schwarz, J. M. Looney, G. S. Seo, J. Tamez-Pena, A. Boyd, S. Bukata, J. Monu, and K. J. Parker
    Functional Tissue Engineering, (Ed: Farshid Guilak, David L. Butler, Steven A. Goldstein, David J. Mooney), Springer-Verlag, New York (2003).
  3. Sonoelastography
    L. S. Taylor and K. J. Parker
    McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology, McGraw-Hill NY (2002).
  4. Industrial Flow Techniques
    S. A. McAleavey, D. Phillips, and K. J. Parker
    Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Volume 7 (Ed: J. G. Webster), John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (1999).
  5. Principles of Halftoning with Stochastic Screens
    Q. Yu and K. J. Parker
    Visual Information Representation, Communication, and Image Processing, (Eds: C. W. Chen, Y-Q. Zhang), Marcel Dekker, Inc. (1999).
  6. The Particle/Bubble Ultrasound Contrast Agent
    D. B. Phillips, X. Chen, R. B. Baggs, D. J. Rubens, M. R. Violante, and K. J. Parker
    Ultrasound Contrast Agents, (Eds: B. B. Goldberg, M. Dunitz), Informa Healthcare (1997).
  7. Linear and Nonlinear Acoustic Field Propagation for Medical Devices
    P. T. Christopher and K. J. Parker
    Computer Assisted Modeling on the IBM 3090 IBM Contest Prize Papers, Volume 2 (Eds. K. R. Billingsley, H. U. Brown III, E. Derohanes), Baldwin Press , pp. 525 -568  (1992).
  8. Ultrasound Backscatter of Liver with Particulate Contrast Agents
    T. A. Tuthill, R. B. Baggs, M. R. Violante, and K. J. Parker
    Innovations in Abdominal Ultrasound, (Eds: N. Heyder, E. G. Hahn, and B. B. Goldberg), Springer-Verlag Press (1992).
  9. The Construction and Evaluation of Halftone Patterns with Manipulated Power Spectra
    T. Mitsa, R. Ulichney, and K. J. Parker
    Raster Imaging and Digital Typography II, (Eds: R. A. Morris, and J. Andre), Cambridge University Press (1991).