Cat Hauser

Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2020

“I was immersed in another culture and learned so much about a different way of life.”

Cat on a hike through Mount Cook in the South Island of New Zealand.

Cat on a hike through Mount Cook in the South Island of New Zealand.

Where did you go? What program did you do?

I studied abroad in Auckland, New Zealand and went with the program IES Abroad.

Why did you want to go abroad?

I have always wanted to go abroad. I had heard that New Zealand was amazing and beautiful and I wanted to see it for myself. I also love to travel and have heard so many of my friends talk about how their semester abroad changed their lives.

Did you work with anyone to help arrange this?

A lot of people helped me arrange this. I worked with my undergraduate coordinator Taimi Marple, professors in the BME department, professors in the ECE department, professors in the art department, my field hockey coach Wendy Andreatta, and I talked to students who had been abroad to Auckland, New Zealand in the past.

How would you rate the relative ease/difficulty of arranging study abroad?

I would rate this process as being a 7 out of 10 for difficult where 10 is the most difficult and 1 is the least difficult. It felt like taking an extra class the semester before I went abroad. Especially as an engineering major, setting up going abroad was very challenging. The most challenging parts were getting courses approved followed by figuring out the finances.

Were you able to take classes to satisfy degree requirements here, and if so which classes did you take?

I was able to take two classes for my major, which were Biomaterials and Signal Processing, and one class for my minor, which was Contemporary Pacific Art History.

If you received a scholarship or any additional funding to study abroad, what did you receive? How important was this in enabling you to study abroad?

I was able to receive two scholarships, one from IES Abroad and one from the University of Auckland. These scholarships were critical in allowing me to study abroad. They gave me the financial support I needed.

What did you gain from this experience?

There is so much that I gained from this experience. I became more independent and improved my ability to problem solve. I saw a different perspective toward learning and the way classes are taught. I was immersed in another culture and learned so much about a different way of life. I learned and became scuba dive certified.

Any particularly memorable experiences?

Some of my most memorable experiences were sky diving, bungee jumping, and diving the in the Great Barrier Reef. These experiences took my breath away and were amazing.

Any advice for students thinking about studying abroad?

If you are thinking about studying abroad even slightly, just do it. It is worth all of the trouble.

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