Goergen 427, Hopkins Center

What happens in this laboratory?

This lab contains multiple, industry standard optical metrology instruments. Their purpose is to very precisely measure and verify the shape of an optical surface, such as the surfaces of a lens or mirror. The instruments also assess other characteristics of the optical element such as the imaging quality and the surface roughness. Most of these instruments utilize the interference patterns created by coherent light to compare surface shape and features to a fraction of a light wavelength. Therefore, measurement precision of 100 nanometers is typical in this lab.

When do students use this lab?

Students use this lab in the fall of their third undergraduate year during the lab course OPT 203. They may also use this lab during their Senior Capstone project. Many researchers in optics and other University of Rochester departments also utilize the Hopkins Center metrology equipment.

The Institute of Optics

The Hopkins Center is housed in the Institute of Optics, which offers BS degree programs accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Committee of ABET, as well as MS and PhD degrees in Optics.

Our students use scientific analysis and modern technology to solve problems in:

  • Imaging
  • Communications
  • Photonics
  • Quantum technology

They also get broad hands-on laboratory and design experience at the undergraduate and graduate level.
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