Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

"The SWE national conference was a wonderful opportunity to network with professionals and meet students from other universities. The career fair was the most beneficial experience for me because there were over 200 companies present. I was introduced to a plethora of internship opportunities. My networking skills definitely improved over the course of the conference because I gained more confidence in myself and was able to present myself professionally to recruiters. By learning about the many opportunities available for me as a chemical engineer I gained more confidence in my future goals. Furthermore, by actually speaking to professionals at different companies I gained a better understanding of where I would like to apply for internships . . . Up until now I have been so consumed with my studies that I didn’t realize the bigger picture of where I am heading or what my goals are. However, after this conference I definitely gained a better perspective on where I would like to go after I graduate from the U of R." -Haley Miyaoka ‘18

Attending conferences, like the SWE national conference in Philadelphia in October 2016 (read more here), is but one example of how the University of Rochester Society of Women Engineers (UR SWE) encourages young women to consider a career in engineering. SWE also is involved in  projects that help the environment and the Rochester-area community. SWE offers its members opportunities to plan meetings, organize career guidance events and sharpen their public speaking skills. There are chances to meet and network with women from local companies and learn about their careers. SWE also sponsors scholarships, academic and professional development activities, community service programs, social events, and more!

Official SWE membership is $20 for the entire year. When you become a member, you will receive a membership card and SWE's magazine. You'll also be eligible to apply for certain scholarships through SWE. Registration forms can be downloaded and printed from the SWE website.