2010 Publications

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  1. Comparison of the signal-to-noise characteristics of quantum versus thermal ghost imaging
    Malcolm N. O'Sullivan, Kam Wai Chan, and Robert W. Boyd
    Phys. Rev. A 82 , p. 053803  (2010). View PDF | View Online
  2. Noise properties of propagation through slow- and fast-light media
    Robert W. Boyd, Zhimin Shi, and Peter W. Milonni
    Journal of Optics 12, , p. 104007  (2010). View PDF | View Online
  3. Momentum of Light in a Dielectric Medium
    Peter W. Milonni and Robert W. Boyd
    Advances in Optics and Photonics 2 , pp. 519 -553  (2010). View PDF | View Online
  4. Tunable Optical Time Delay of Quantum Signals Using a Prism Pair
    George M. Gehring, Heedeuk Shin, Robert W. Boyd, Chil-Min Kim, and Byoung S. Ham
    Optics Express 18 , p. 19156  (2010). View PDF | View Online
  5. Low distortion, continuously tunable, positive and negative time delays by slow and fast light using stimulated Brillouin scattering
    Zhimin Shi, Aaron Schweinsberg, Joe Vornehm Jr, M. Alejandrina Martínez Gámez, and Robert W. Boyd
    Physics Letters A 374 , pp. 4071 -4074  (2010). View PDF | View Online
  6. Quantum Correlations in Optical Angle–Orbital Angular Momentum Variables
    Jonathan Leach, Barry Jack, J. Romero, Anand Kumar Jha, Alison M Yao, Sonja Franke-Arnold, David G. Ireland, Robert W. Boyd, Stephen M. Barnett, and Miles J. Padgett
    Science 129 , pp. 662 -- Select -  (2010). View PDF | View Online
  7. Heralded single-photon partial coherence
    P. Ben Dixon, Gregory Howland, Mehul Malik, David J. Starling, Robert W. Boyd, and John C. Howell
    Physical Review A 82 , p. 023801  (2010). View PDF | View Online
  8. Effects of atmospheric turbulence on the entanglement of spatial two-qubit states
    Anand Kumar Jha, Glenn A. Tyler, and Robert W. Boyd
    Physical Review A 81 , p. 053832  (2010). View PDF | View Online
  9. Optimization of thermal ghost imaging: high-order correlations vs. background subtraction
    Kam Wai Chan, Malcolm N. O'Sullivan, and Robert W. Boyd
    Optics Express, 18 , p. 5562  (2010). View PDF | View Online
  10. Quantum Ghost Image Identification with Correlated Photon Pairs
    Mehul Malik, Heedeuk Shin, Malcolm N. O'Sullivan, Petros Zerom, and Robert W. Boyd
    Physical Review Letters 104 , p. 163602  (2010). View PDF | View Online
  11. Microscopic cascading of second-order molecular nonlinearity: new design principles for enhancing third-order nonlinearity
    Alexander Baev, Jochen Autschbach, Robert W. Boyd, and Paras N. Prasad
    Optics Express, Vol. 18, , pp. 8713 -8721  (2010). View PDF | View Online
  12. Room-temperature single photon sources with definite circular and linear polarizations
    Svetlana G. Lukishova, L. J. Bissell, C. R. Stroud, Jr, and Robert W. Boyd
    Optics and Spectroscopy, Volume 108, Issue 3 , pp. 417 -424  (2010). View Online
  13. Spatial two-photon coherence of the entangled field produced by down-conversion using a partially spatially coherent pump beam
    Anand Kumar Jha and Robert W. Boyd
    Physical Review A 81 , p. 013828  (2010). View PDF | View Online
  14. Angular Two-Photon Interference and Angular Two-Qubit States
    Anand Kumar Jha, Jonathan Leach, Barry Jack, Sonja Franke-Arnold, Stephen M. Barnett, Robert W. Boyd, and Miles J. Padgett
    Physical Review Letters 104 , p. 010501  (2010). View PDF | View Online