Mark Skeldon's Publications

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  1. Observation of instabilities of laser beams counterpropagating through a Brillouin medium
    Alexander L. Gaeta, Mark D. Skeldon, Robert W. Boyd, and Paul Narum
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B Vol. 6, Issue 9 , pp. 1709 -1713  (1989). View PDF | View Online
  2. Transverse-Mode Structure of a Phase-Conjugate Oscillator Based on Brillouin-Enhanced Four-Wave Mixing
    Mark D. Skeldon and Robert W. Boyd
    IEEE JOURNAL OF QUANTUM ELECTRONICS Volume: 25 Issue: 3 , pp. 588 -594  (1989). View PDF | View Online
  3. Spatial evolution of laser beam profiles in an SBS amplifier
    Edward J. Miller, Mark D. Skeldon, and Robert W. Boyd
    Applied Optics Vol. 28, Issue 1 , pp. 92 -96  (1989). View PDF | View Online
  4. Non-frequency-shifted, high-fidelity phase conjugation with aberrated pump waves by Brillouin-enhanced four-wave mixing
    Mark D. Skeldon, Paul Narum, and Robert W. Boyd
    Opt. Lett., Vol. 12 , pp. 343 -345  (1987). View PDF