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Boyd Quantum Photonics Research Group

Publications about Slow Light

The following papers are viewable in PDF format.
(Some files may be viewed more easily if downloaded.)

  1. A Slow-Light Laser Radar (SLIDAR)
    Zhimin Shi, Aaron Schweinsberg, Joe Vornehm Jr, and Robert W. Boyd
    Optics and Photonics News 23 (12) , p. 51  (2012). View PDF | View Online
  2. Theoretical model for superluminal and slow light in erbium-doped optical fibers: enhancement of the frequency response by pump modulation
    D. J. Jackson, Aaron Schweinsberg, N. N. Lepeshkin, Matthew S. Bigelow, and Robert W. Boyd
    Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics, 107(3) , pp. 717 -732  (2012). View PDF | View Online
  3. Development of a slow-light spectrometer on a chip
    Sangeeta Murugkar, Israel De Leon, Zhimin Shi, Gisela Lopez-Galmiche, Jeff Salvail, Edwin Ma, Boshen Gao, A. C. Liapis, Joe Vornehm Jr, and Robert W. Boyd
    Proc. SPIE 8264, Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies XVI , p. 82640T  (2012). View PDF | View Online
  4. Tunneling delays in frustrated total internal reflection
    George M. Gehring, A. C. Liapis, and Robert W. Boyd
    Phys. Rev. A 85 , p. 032122  (2012). View PDF | View Online
  5. A slow-light laser radar system with two-dimensional scanning
    Aaron Schweinsberg, Zhimin Shi, Joe Vornehm Jr, and Robert W. Boyd
    Opt. Lett., Vol. 37, No. 3 , pp. 329 -331  (2012). View PDF | View Online
  6. Optical physics: How to hide in time
    Robert W. Boyd and Zhimin Shi
    Nature 481 , pp. 35 -36  (2012). View PDF | View Online
  7. Material slow light and structural slow light: similarities and differences for nonlinear optics [Invited]
    Robert W. Boyd
    JOSA B, Vol. 28, Issue 12 , pp. A38 -A44  (2011). View PDF | View Online
  8. Quantum noise properties of non-ideal optical amplifiers and attenuators
    Zhimin Shi, Ksenia Dolgaleva, and Robert W. Boyd
    J. Opt. 13 , p. 125201  (2011). View PDF | View Online
  9. Demonstration of a slow-light laser radar
    Aaron Schweinsberg, Zhimin Shi, Joe Vornehm Jr, and Robert W. Boyd
    Optics Express Vol. 19 Issue 17 , pp. 15760 -15769  (2011). View PDF | View Online
  10. Rotary Photon Drag Enhanced by a Slow-Light Medium
    Sonja Franke-Arnold, Graham Gibson, Robert W. Boyd, and Robert W. Boyd
    Science Vol. 333 no. 6038 , pp. 65 -67  (2011). View PDF | View Online
  11. Slow-light enhanced spectrometers on chip
    Zhimin Shi and Robert W. Boyd
    Proc. SPIE 8007, Photonics North 2011 , p. 80071D  (2011). View PDF | View Online
  12. Slow and fast light: fundamentals and applications
    Robert W. Boyd
    J. Mod. Opt. 56(18) , pp. 1908 -1915  (2009). View PDF | View Online