Zhang Research Group and family enjoying a group meal at Tsingtao House (06/23/2021).

Left to right: Wendy (Mrs. Zhang), Professor Xi-Cheng Zhang, ShingYiu (Steven) Fu, Jiacheng Zhao, Justin Murante, Kelsey Lee, Fang Ling, Mervin Lim Pac Chong, Dr. Yiwen E, Jiapeng Zhao, Professor Jianming Dai, Mrs. Dai.



Zhang Research Group, working from home as of May 2020.

Left-to-right, top-to-bottom: Yuqi Cao (visiting student), Dr. Yiwen E, Professor Xi-Cheng Zhang, Professor Jianming Dai, Fang Ling (visiting student), Jiapeng Zhao, Jiacheng Zhao, ShingYiu (Steven) Fu, Mervin Lim Pac Chong, Kareem Garriga.



A group party with families in 2019 summer. (08/02/2019)


All current group members.

Zhang Research Group as of 2019:

Left to right: Greg Lier, Professor Jianming Dai, Jiapeng Zhao, Qi Jin, Haimu Cao, Mervin Lim Pac Chong, Shenghan Gao, Yiwen E, Kareem Garriga, Professor Xi-Cheng Zhang.


Experimental guys

AEOP Apprenticeship, Zhang Research Group, University of Rochester (Summer 2019).

Left to right: Greg Lier, Mervin Lim Pac Chong, Kareem Garriga. 



J. Bianca Jackson, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Associate in Terahertz & Cultural Heritage working with the Zhang Research Group is talking to other group members in the lab.

Left to right: Xuan (Betty) Sun, Bianca Jackson, Jing Zhang, Fabrizio Buccheri)



Zhang Research Group in front of Laboratory for Laser Energetics.

Left to right: George Gehring, Kang Liu, Xuan Sun, Leva McIntire, Professor Xi-Cheng Zhang, Jing Zhang, Fabrizio Buccheri, Dr. Jianming Dai, Lei Gao.