These former Hajim School students studied abroad – and loved it!

nathan alvesNathan Alves, BS '07, MS '08, Biomedical Engineering:

Studying abroad in Melbourne Australia was arguably one of the best opportunities that I was able to take advantage of while at the University of Rochester. While abroad I continued to take classes, work in a biomolecular engineering lab and travel to various places such as: Bali, New Zealand, and Tasmania. The overall experience was invaluable. Read more >

janJen Skevington, BS, Mechanical Engineering, '11:

Absolutely study abroad! Don't think that because the number of graduation requirements for engineering degrees are so many that you can't fit it in. Work with your department chair early on to determine the best semester to go and the courses that you can take abroad to fulfill graduation requirements. I was able to take two engineering courses while in Botswana that fulfilled engineering requirements back at the U of R.  Read more >

isthierIsthier Chaudhury, BS Chemical Engineering, BA Chinese Studies, '11:

Every day I still use the Chinese I learned! Whether I am meeting new people, working in the lab with international students, or just keeping in touch with friends back home, others appreciate the effort when you try to learn their native tongue. Being open-minded and developing strong interpersonal communication skills are also things from study abroad that help me when working on teams to solve multidisciplinary research problems.

andreaAndrea Morrell, BS Biomedical Engineering, '12:

It is possible for science and engineering majors to study abroad! However, it does requires a little extra effort in planning your coursework for your semester abroad. Faculty members as well as the Center for Study Abroad are both great resources to help you plan accordingly so that you're not panicking to get courses approved when you return. Be prepared to have the time of your life and to find a place outside of your home country to call your own. Read more >

kraftSteven Kraft, BS Mechanical Engineering '06, MS Chemical Engineering, '08:

Studying abroad has brought me so many skills, only some of which I am probably conscious of and able to articulate. Specifically, I learned to be much more open-minded. This is true in areas concerning my life, including new foods, how many material goods I feel I 'need' to be comfortable, to looking forward to trying new things and experiencing things that are fresh and foreign. I also travel with confidence and ease, and pack lightly. In addition, the knowledge of how people live in a place with fewer resources helped me to continuously examine my own lifestyle, which has changed the entire course of my life for the last 9 years. I will never be able to see resource usage the same way. I lick my plate clean, and try to take only what I need. Most importantly, I gained the knowledge that more material does not equate to more happiness. Read more >

Joy JiangJoy Jiang, '13, Mechanical Engineering:

Taking advantage of the holidays in April, I did a lot of traveling. I went to the West Bank and Turkey, which are really eye opening. Being in Israel definitely gives a better understanding of this side of the world! Moreover, the student body here is diverse in a different way. I have got to know so much more about the European Union! I really enjoyed my time here! It is definitely my life changing experience! (Click here to see a video of Joy talking about her study abroad experience.)