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Study abroad offered a chance to see family members

Photos of Gabriel Guisado at soccer stadium in Madrid and waterfall in Morocco.

Gabriel Guisado standing in front of Real Madrid Stadium and enjoying the view at Ouzoud Falls in Morocco. 

Gabriel Guisado ’19, a biomedical engineering major, wanted to study abroad in Spain for a variety of reasons. Despite his father being from Spain, he’s only been to visit the country once, as a child. By studying abroad there, he’d get to visit family again. He also chose Spain because he was able to secure BME course equivalencies and continue his Spanish education there. 

Gabriel attended Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. He took courses that met a major requirement and a cluster requirement, and two Spanish culture electives. He planned this so he can just take BME science electives now that he is back at the U of R. 

He worked with a Hajim School study abroad advisor, a general Study Abroad advisor, and his BME advisor to make this happen – and he says it was really easy for him! He also was able to work with Financial Aid to make sure he received the same amount of aid for his semester abroad, and used money earned from a job for flight and other costs. 

He says his experience abroad was valuable because he “gained increased cultural awareness, Spanish proficiency, and a sense of freedom.” He remembers when he traveled to Morocco and got to sit by monkeys near a waterfall. He also was able to visit family members in Barcelona, Sevilla, and London who he hadn’t seen in many years.

He also got to see his favorite soccer team -- Real Madrid -- play a game while he was in Spain. They won 5-0! He even got to see Cristiano Ronaldo score. 

Gabriel encourages other engineering students to study abroad, too!

You can do it! Think engineers can’t study abroad? Think again. With the flexible Rochester curriculum and specially selected overseas partnerships, Hajim students have a world of opportunities available. We’ve identified more than 200 equivalent courses that apply toward your Rochester degree at 23 universities in 14 countries. We offer scholarships to help you cover travel costs. You'll see the world, gain a global perspective, and build your resume—all before graduating. Questions? Contact Rohan Palma, our study abroad adviser, at

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