Rettner 106-109, Fabrication Shop

What happens in the fabrication shop?

The Rettner Fabrication Shop is used by students and researchers to fabricate parts, systems, and projects of their own design. There is space for student projects to be brainstormed and developed. Some classes and many student clubs use the studio space for meetings as well as fabrication. This extends past the technical activities into arts and crafts endeavors.

There are milling machines, lathes, bandsaws, woodworking, and CNC routing capabilities. The facility also has very high-quality 3D printing that can produce parts for various applications.

Proper safety training and use of equipment is required before being given access to the machines. Some programs provide training as part of the core curriculum, but taking classes in the shop and using the equipment is open to everyone at the University. The shop supervisor can arrange for the training.

When do students use this lab?

The shop is available to support design and research projects at all levels. The shop is also used to train students in safe machine shop practices and helps support co-curricular activities such as UR Robotics, Lunabotics Club, Creative Arts and Fashion club, Baja/SAE, Solar-Splash, ESW Engineers for a Sustainable World, Engineers Without Borders, and many others.

University of Rochester

The Rettner Fabrication Shop is located on the River Campus of the University of Rochester. The University offers over 200 programs of study from bachelors, to masters, to doctoral degrees.

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