2013 Publications

  1. Ultrathin Silicon Membranes for Wearable Dialysis
    Johnson, D. G., Khire, T. S., Lyubarskaya, Y. L., Smith, K. G. P., DesOrmeaux, J. S., Taylor, J. G., Gaborski, T. R., Shestopalov, A. A, Striemer, C. C., and McGrath, J. L.
    Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease , pp. 508 -515  (2013). View PDF | View Online
  2. Multicomponent Inorganic Janus Particles with Controlled Compositions, Morphologies, and Dimensions
    Lyubarskaya, Y. L. and Shestopalov, A. A
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces , pp. 7323 -7329  (2013). View PDF | View Online