Student Profiles

Mojtaba (Moji) Heydari

Hometown: Tehran, Iran

Anticipated Graduation Year: 2025

Degree: PhD

Research Group:Audio Information Research (AIR) Lab

Research Advisor: Zhiyao Duan

Description:My research spectrum comprises music, AI, and musician robots. In particular, I develop computational and probabilistic models to understand, generate and manipulate music. My current project includes AI-based music beat, downbeat meter and tempo tracking in real-time, as an essential block for automatic music recommender systems, music generators and many downstream music processing tasks. Also, I develop intelligent musician robots capable to perceive different music genres and moods and accompanying human musicians on the fly.          

Why ECE/UR: My passion for both music and technology navigated me to the UR’s Audio Information Research (AIR) Lab which is a unique place for bridging those two. AIR lab is a host for many exciting projects, and we explore and learn a lot of cool stuff related to music and technology consistently.