Student Profiles

Neil Zhang smiling at the camera.

You (Neil) Zhang

Hometown: Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Degree: PhD

Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Group:Audio Information Research (AIR) Lab

Personal Website: 

Degrees: B.E. Automation (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China 2019), M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering (UofR 2021).

Research Advisor: Dr. Zhiyao Duan

Research Description: My research interests lie in machine learning and its applications in speech and audio processing. My research goal is to design algorithms and systems to support immersive virtual and augmented reality with interactive, personalized, and trustworthy audio technology. My work has been focusing on audio-visual rendering and analysis, personalized spatial audio, and synthetic speech detection.

Why you chose ECE/UR: After learning about my friend's collaboration with Prof. Duan on audio-visual projects during his PhD in Computer Vision at URCS, I became intrigued by the research being done at the AIR Lab. Upon further investigation of the AIR Lab website, I found myself particularly interested in the field of Computer Audition and made the decision to apply for a PhD position here.