Gordana Velikic

Gordana Velikic

  • Scientist, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Associate Technical Director, Center for Future Health

PhD, University of Rochester


Short Biography

Dr. Gordana Velikic earned her PhD in Engineering from the University of Rochester, and her MSc and BS from the University of Belgrade and the University of Novi Sad. She has research and teaching experience in the areas of sensors, nonlinear dynamics, digital signal processing, musical acoustics, digital audio, biomedical signals,  and electromagnetics. Dr. Velikic's primary research focus is on personalized biomedical technologies, in particular, digital signal processing and analysis, and sensors development. We are at the brink of the 'Star Trek tricorder' technologies era that shrink in size and expand in possibilities. Her research interests lie in development, implementation, and commercialization of biomedical devices that are established on P-4 (Personalized, Predictive, Preventative, and Participatory) approach to treating a persons possible and existing health issues. P-4 brings new views and understanding to health treatment, where technologies are oriented to an individual rather than a demographic group, and are evidence based rather than statistics based. Such an approach brings teams from different background together and introduces unexpected fields like gaming society. Consumers can buy all sorts of technical gadgets which gather statistically significant collection of data per person, from which signal processing tools may reveal trends and predict health changes that are intrinsic to the individual. This also opened a need for development of new sensors that have minimalist design and have embedded signal processing and analysis algorithms that follow the trend. Dr. Velikic enjoys finding solutions to challenges that merged scientific fields may bring, and opportunities to collaborate with teams that come from diverse backgrounds. Over the years in the Center for Future Health, she collaborated with specialists such as, but not limited to cardiologists, dermatologists, orthopedists, pulmonologists, psychiatrists, ophthmologists, physicist, radiologists, mechanical engineers, and many companies.

Another research interest of Dr. Velikic is technology and digital signal processing in music. In the Music Research Laboratory, she worked on projects such as creating machines that can listen, that included research areas of source separation, acoustics, physiology of hearing, and automated music transcription. She also plays the piano.

Over the years, she has won two separate teaching awards, one at the University of Novi Sad, and one at the University of Rochester.

Research Overview

Research Interests

  • Technology integration
  • Sensors
  • Signal Processing