David Smith's Publications

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  1. Nonlinear optical properties of a gold-silica composite with high gold fill fraction and the sign change of its nonlinear absorption coefficient
    Giovanni Piredda, David D. Smith, Bettina Wendling, and Robert W. Boyd
    J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 25(6) , pp. 945 -950  (2008). View PDF
  2. Coupled-resonator-induced transparency in a fiber system
    David D. Smith, N. N. Lepeshkin, Aaron Schweinsberg, George M. Gehring, Robert W. Boyd, Q-Han Park, Hye Jeong Chang, and D. J. Jackson
    Optics Communications 264 , pp. 163 -168  (2006). View PDF
  3. Coupled-resonator-induced transparency
    David D. Smith, Hye Jeong Chang, Kirk A. Fuller, A. T. Rosenberger, and Robert W. Boyd
    Phys. Rev. A 69, , p. 063804  (2004). View PDF
  4. z-scan measurement of the nonlinear absorption of a thin gold film
    David D. Smith, Y. K. Yoon, and Robert W. Boyd
    JAP , pp. 6200 -6207  (1999). View Online
  5. Cancellation of photoinduced absorption in metal nanoparticle composites through a counterintuitive consequence of local field effects
    David D. Smith, George L. Fischer, Robert W. Boyd, and Don A. Gregory
    JOSA B, Vol. 14 Issue 7 , p. 1625  (1997). View PDF