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Zhang’s Terahertz Research Group

2012 Publications

  1. Generation of Elliptically Polarized Terahertz Waves from Laser-Induced Plasma with Double Helix Electrodes
    Xiaofei Lu and Xi-Cheng Zhang
    Physical Review Letters , pp. 123903-1 -123903-5  (2012). View PDF | View Online
  2. Analysis of Gouy phase shift for optimizing terahertz air-biased-coherent-detection
    Huanyu He and Xi-Cheng Zhang
    Applied Physics Letters 100 , p. 061105  (2012). View PDF | View Online
  3. Laser air photonics: beyond the terahertz gap
    Benjamin Clough, Jianming Dai, and Xi-Cheng Zhang
    Materials Today , p. 50  (2012). View PDF | View Online