Hopeman 133, Materials and Solids Lab

What happens in this laboratory?

The machines and fixtures in this lab are designed to pull, compress, twist, and bend materials to determine their mechanical properties. Some of these machines can also repeatedly cycle to test how materials fatigue. Metals, plastics, ceramics, glasses, and biological materials (such as bones and teeth) can all be tested.

Knowing material properties lets mechanical engineers select the right material for different applications and helps with the design of new, improved materials.

When do students use this lab?

Students typically use this equipment in ME 226: Introduction to Solid Mechanics in their sophomore year and ME 280: Introduction to Materials Science in their junior year. Students may also use this lab for research and project work.


The main pieces of equipment in this lab are the:

  • MTS Alliance RT/50 testing machine
  • MTS Criterion Model 43 testing machine
  • Instron Model 1350 testing machine (hydraulic)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Materials and Solids Lab is housed in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which offers a BS degree program accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, as well as an MS and PhD in mechanical engineering.

Our students use the latest engineering software to problems in the mechanics of:

  • Solids and fluids
  • Materials science
  • Mechanical systems
  • Advanced power applications

They also get broad hands-on laboratory and design experience at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Ready to become a mechanical engineer? Then come join our hands-on student body and get everything you need to become a well-rounded, career-ready engineer.

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