Gavett 121, Metrology Lab

What happens in this laboratory?

This lab is used to make and measure mechanical components. This lab has several pieces of equipment:

  • Various manual measuring devices: From micrometers to flatness gages to jo blocks, these tools are used in traditional metrology (the science of measuring things). Measuring objects accurately is critical to creating and making a proper mechanical design.
  • A Faro Arm: This is a coordinate measuring machine that is used in an industrial setting. It can measure and scan objects up to nine feet long to a resolution of 0.0025” (63um.) This tool is used in industries from automotive to aerospace and those in between.
  • A 150 watt laser for cutting various materials: Students use this for their design projects in different classes. This laser can cut through materials by vaporizing a path through them to create designs. (For reference a laser pointer is typically 0.005 watts)
  • An isolation table with a shaker: This is used for experiments where the vibrational characteristics of materials and structures can be measured. Understanding the vibrational characteristics is important from common structures such as buildings, to specialized equipment such as airframes and spacecraft.

When do students use this lab?

Students will use some of this equipment in their first year as well as in the lab and design courses in their junior and senior years. It is also used in some research projects.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Metrology Lab is housed in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which offers a BS degree program accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, as well as an MS and PhD in mechanical engineering.

Our students use the latest engineering software to problems in the mechanics of:

  • Solids and fluids
  • Materials science
  • Mechanical systems
  • Advanced power applications

They also get broad hands-on laboratory and design experience at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Ready to become a mechanical engineer? Then come join our hands-on student body and get everything you need to become a well-rounded, career-ready engineer.

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