Current Students

Former Post-docs

   Cristiano Tapparello (2013-2017, PhD, 2012, University of Padova)
   Rajani Muraleedharan (2011-2012, PhD, 2011, Syracuse University)
   Ilker Demirkol (2008-2011, PhD, 2008, Bogazici University)

Former PhD Students

   Kofi Adu-Manu, Visiting PhD Student from University of Ghana (PhD, 2020)
         A Study Into Lifetime Maximization of Wireless Sensor Networks for Water Quality
   Nadir Adam (PhD, 2020)
         Performance Analysis and Optimization of Infrastructure, Aerial, and Multi-Hop
         Ad-Hoc Networks
   Utku Demir (PhD, 2020)
         Automatic Creation and Maintenance of Dynamic WiFi Director Networks
   Sefik Emre Eskimez (PhD, 2019)
         Robust Techniques for Generating Talking Faces from Speech [PDF]
   Hoda Ayatollahi (PhD, 2018)
         Energy Balancing in Wireless Networks with MIMO Communications [PDF]
   Colin Funai (PhD, 2017)
         Enabling and Optimizing Resource Constrained Ad-Hoc Mobile Clouds [PDF]
   Li Chen (PhD, 2015)
         Increasing Coverage and Improving Efficiency for RFID Systems and Wireless Sensor
         Networks [Commendation in University of Rochester Outstanding Dissertation Award
         Competition in Engineering] [PDF]
   Na Yang (PhD, 2015)
         Algorithms for Affective and Ubiquitous Sensing Systems and for Protein Structure
         Prediction [PDF]
   He Ba (PhD, 2015)
         Enabling Energy Efficient Sensing and Computing Systems [PDF]
   Bora Karaoglu (PhD, 2014)
         Efficient Use of Resources in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [PDF]
   Surjya Ray (PhD, 2014)
         Advertisement-Based Energy Efficient Medium Access Protocols for Wireless Sensor
         Networks [PDF]
   Chen-Hsiang Feng (PhD, 2013)
         Stack Architectures and Protocols for Emerging Wireless Networks [PDF]
   Tianqi Wang (PhD, 2012)
         Cross-Layer Design and Optimization of Short Range Wireless Networks [PDF]
   Ou Yang (PhD, 2011)
         Sleeping Strategies for Wireless Sensor Networks [PDF]
   Tolga Numanoglu (PhD, 2009)
         Improving Reliability and Performance of Real-Time Communications in
         Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [PDF]
   Christophe Merlin (PhD, 2009)
         Adaptability in Wireless Sensor Networks Through Cross-Layer Protocols
         and Architectures [PDF]
   Stanislava Soro (PhD, 2008)
         Application-Aware Resource Management in Wireless and Visual Sensor
         Networks [PDF]
   Mark Perillo (PhD, 2008)
         Role Assignment in Wireless Sensor Networks: Energy-Efficient Strategies and
         Algorithms [PDF]
   Lei Chen (PhD, 2007)
         Protocols for Supporting Quality of Service in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [PDF]
   Zhao Cheng (PhD, 2006)
         Efficient Information Discovery and Retrieval in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks [PDF]
   Gulcin Caner (PhD, 2006, with Dr. Murat Tekalp and Dr. Gaurav Sharma)
         Multi-camera Image Processing for Visual Surveillance
   Sameer Tilak (PhD, 2005, with Dr. Nael Abu-Ghazaleh, Binghamton University)
         Towards a Holistic Approach for System Design in Sensor Networks
   Bulent Tavli (PhD, 2005)
         Protocol Architectures for Energy Efficient Real-Time
         Data Communications in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [PDF]
   Hervaldo Carvalho (PhD, 2005, with Dr. Claudionor Coelho,
         Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
         Data Fusion Implementation in Sensor Networks Applied to Health Monitoring

Former MS Thesis Students

   Weiyang Cai (MS, 2013)
         Analysis of Acoustic Feature Extraction Algorithms in Noisy Environments [PDF]
   Zuochao Duo (MS, 2013)
         Benefits of Utilizing an Edge Server (Cloudlet) in the MOCHA Architecture [PDF]
   Yuqun Zhang (MS, 2010)
         Receiver-based Protocol Enhancements for Wireless Ad-Hoc and Sensor Nets. [PDF]
   Matthew Holland (MS, 2007)
         Optimizing Physical Layer Parameters for Wireless Sensor Networks [PDF]
   Colin Goldsmith (MS, 2004)
         Wireless Local Area Networking for Device Monitoring [PDF]
   Owen Zacharias (MS, 2004)
         Wireless Wide Area Networking for Device Monitoring [PDF]
   Edward Woodrow (MS, 2002)
         Data-Centric Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [PS]
   Sameer Tilak (MS, 2002, with Dr. Nael Abu-Ghazaleh, Binghamton University)
         SENSOR: SEnsor Network deSign and ORganization [PS]

Former Research Students

   Veerendra Balchand, BS, 2020
   George Klimiashvili, BS, 2020
   Eugene Nakamoto, BS, 2020
   Kapambwe Chalwe, BS, 2020
   Aaron Faulkenberry, BS, 2019
   Chinenye Tassie, BS, 2019
   Javon Walker, BS, 2019
   Tasneem Khan, BS, 2019
   Abinanda Dutta, MS, 2018
   Abhishek Singh, MS, 2018
   Kwasi Nimako, BS, 2018
   Erik Nunez, BS, 2018
   Yukun (York) Chen, BS, 2018
   Teddy Reiss, BS, 2018
   Lauren Kemperman, BS Data Science, 2017
   Jean Chakmakas, BS Data Science, 2017
   Abdulwahab Alhaji, BS, 2017
   Yizhe Cheng, BS, 2017
   Greg Hunkins, BS, 2018
   Jon Aho, BS, 2017
   Shibi Liu, BS 2017
   Nancy Vargas, BS, 2017
   Ibrahim Akbar, BS, 2017
   Justin Fraumeni, BS, 2017
   Greg Hunkins, BS, 2017
   Megha Modak, MS, 2017
   Chelsea Vargas, BS, 2017
   Juan Vico Zafra, MS, 2016
   Noelia Lopez-Plaza, MS, 2016
   Sarafa Ibrahim, MS, 2016
   TianChi Zhao, MS, 2016
   Yuan Xing, MS, 2016
   Valentine Ezenwa, BS, 2016
   Kenneth Imade, BS, 2016
   Abner Aquino, BS, 2016
   Shurouq Hijazi, BS, 2016
   Carmen Cortez, MS, 2016
   Chelsea Vargas, BS 2016
   Mohammed Ahmed, BS, 2015
   Lucian Copeland, BS, 2015
   Louise Yi Lu, BS, 2015
   Kate Zeng Zhiming, BS, CS 2015
   Jeremy Warner, BS, 2015
   Matthew Hershfield BS, 2015
   Da Wan, MS, 2015
   Fei Xu, MS, 2015
   Jingwei Guo, MS, 2014
   Binyu Hu, MS, 2014
   Xuchen Yang, MS, 2014
   Wei Liu, MS, 2014
   Michael Nolan, MS, 2014
   Pak Lam (Jack) Yung, MS, 2014
   Jianbo Yuan, MS, 2014
   Dawei Zhou, MS, 2014
   Yun Zhou, MS, 2014
   Steve Cool, BS, 2014
   Thomas Horta, Visiting Undergraduate Student from Brazil
   JoHannah Kohl, BS, 2013
   Jinnan Hussain BS, 2013
   Andrew Song BS, 2013
   Sarah Lickers BS, 2013
   Jeff Kabel BS, 2012
   Luis Soto, BS, 2011
   Jeff Pravin, BS, University of Pittsburgh, 2011
   Sarah Rosenstein, BS/MS, 2009/2010
   Paul Molta MS, 2010
   Naoum Katsianis MS, 2008
   Jian (Johnny) Chen BS, 2008
   Kyle Aures, BS/MS, 2008/2009
   Steven Wik, BS/MS, 2008/2009
   Ryan Aures MS, 2007
   Matjaz Kranz MS, 2006
   Michael Borden MS, 2006