Upcoming Events

Information about upcoming events will be posted here as they become available.

Semi-Annual Meetings

Students networking during the spring 2022 symposium.
Photo by Sarah Woodhams

The Industrial Associates (IA) Program’s semi-annual meetings offer IA members, faculty, and students alike prime opportunities to connect. Over the course of two or three days each fall and each spring (with a company’s degree of participation depending upon their membership tier), great minds of the optics industry convene to:

  • Learn about faculty and student research
  • Present talks on industry expertise and initiatives
  • Discuss the latest optical technologies
  • Review student posters and current projects
  • Network with prospective employers/employees
  • Learn more about industry leaders
  • Interview students from optics and other related engineering departments
  • Attend our Company Connection Showcase
  • Re-connect with Institute of Optics alumni
  • Take personal lab tours (upon request)

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