What is Optics?

Optics is all about light: how it’s generated, propagated, and detected. It is a multidisciplinary endeavor with its roots in physics, electrical engineering, chemistry, and materials science.

Optical applications can be found in every aspect of our lives, from contact lenses to fiber-optics communication. The study of optics has led scientists to produce ground breaking inventions like the laser and the holograph.

Optics allows for a wide range of modern research topics. The Institute’s current research topics include:

  • Optical and quantum information processing
  • Subwavelength optics (nano-optics)
  • Subpicosecond lasers and phenomena
  • Nonlinear optical materials
  • Gradient index optics
  • Quantum nature of absorption and emission of light
  • Light propagation in microstructures
  • Quantum imaging
  • Slow and fast light propagation
  • Theory, design, and fabrication of lasers
  • Optimization of computer based optical system design
  • Hybrid electrical-optical computing
  • Remote sensing
  • Physics of super-intense fields
  • Diffractive optics
  • Medical optics
  • Fabrication of quantum-well devices
  • Nonlinear dynamics and chaos
  • Laser-driven fusion

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