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Summer Short Course Series

Integrated Photonics Circuits (with Labs)

2019 Course Description

Please note: The course descriptions and instructors listed below are NOT final, it is possible that circumstances beyond our control could necessitate alterations.

Target Audience

This course is targeted for students, researchers, and engineers in industry, who want to learn the fundamental aspects of integrated photonics circuits.


The first day of the course will cover fundamentals of optical waveguides and how they can be used to fabricate passive components needed for integrated photonics circuits such as directional couplers and micro-ring resonators. The second day will focus on the active devices such as modulators. The students will also learn to use a commercial software package and learn the basic aspects of computer –aided design of integrated photonics circuits The third day of the course will cover advanced aspects of the circuit designs and introduce the concept of circuit layout. Specific design projects will be assigned on day 4, and students will work in groups on their projects. Students will be taken to the fabrication facility in groups. The last day will be devoted to testing the designs and students will be taken to a silicon photonics testing laboratory located at Rochester Institute of Technology.


Familiarity with optics and electromagnetics is a prerequisite. It is assumed that each attendee has taken a course on physical optics or electromagnetic theory in the past. However, no previous knowledge of integrated photonics or optical waveguides is required.


June 10, Monday morning

Waveguide Theory, Professor Govind Agrawal (Rochester)

June 10, Monday afternoon

Passive Devices, Professor Govind Agrawal (Rochester)

June 11, Tuesday morning

Active Devices, Professor S. Preble (RIT)

June 11, Tuesday afternoon

Design Basics, Professor Jaime Cardenas (Rochester)

June 12, Wednesday morning

Advance Design, Professor Jaime Cardenas (Rochester)

June 12, Wednesday, afternoon

Circuit Layout, Professor Jaime Cardenas (Rochester)

June 13, Thursday, morning

Design Projects and Fabrication in Groups, Agrawal, Cardenas, and McIntyre

June 13, Thursday, afternoon

Design Projects and Fabrication in Groups, Agrawal, Cardenas, and McIntyre (Rochester)

June 14, Friday, morning

Testing in the Lab, Cardenas (Rochester)

June 14, Friday, afternoon

Silicon Photonic Test Lab, S. Preble (RIT)